WeakAuras Strings

This page contains links and descriptions of the most up-to-date versions of my WeakAuras strings for each of my characters.  WordPress is finicky about text boxes containing large strings, so all of my Auras are hosted at Pastebin.

Note that I’m using WeakAuras 2, which is the most up-to-date version. I can’t guarantee backwards-compatibility with the original WeakAuras mod, though for the most part I think they’ll still work. Also note that if you’re not using the English client, you may need to tweak some spell names for these to work.

Here are direct links to the WeakAuras strings used in my tanking UI as of patch 6.0.2:

Resolve/Haste Text Indicators

In action, these auras look something like this:


I have an exhaustive list of addons I’m using to create this UI in the UI Customization and Key Bindings post. That post is a little old, but I haven’t changed it much since then so it’s still mostly accurate.

All of my WeakAuras groups can be found by browsing my Pastebin account:


Here are direct links to the class/spec combinations I have updated there:

Any Tank Class
Resolve/Haste Text Indicators
Resolve Bar (I don’t use this, but someone asked for it so I wrote one).

Paladin – Protection – Priority Row
Paladin – Protection – Cooldowns
Paladin – Protection – Priority overlay for SW

Old Class-Specific Auras (not updated since pre-6.0)
Death Knight – Any
(used by both specs)
Death Knight – Blood
Death Knight – Unholy
Druid – Guardian
Hunter – Any (used by all hunter specs)
Hunter – Beast Mastery (L85)
Hunter – Marskman
Hunter – Survival
Mage – Any
Mage – Arcane (L85)
Mage – Fire (L85)
Mage – Frost
Monk – Brewmaster
Monk – Chi (used by both specs, adapted from Sunnier’s auras)
Monk – Stagger (used by Brewmaster, also blatantly stolen from Sunnier)
Monk – Windwalker
Priest – Shadow
Rogue – Any (used by both specs)
Rogue – Combat
Rogue – Subtlety
Paladin – Retribution (just cooldowns, I use clcRet for rotation)
Priest – Any
Priest – Disc/Atonement
Priest – Shadow
Warlock – Any (used by all three specs)
Warlock – Affliction
Warlock – Demonology
Warrior – Any (used by all three specs)
Warrior – Arms (L85)
Warrior – Fury
Warrior – Protection

Amber-Shaper Unsok Vehicle HUD

148 Responses to WeakAuras Strings

  1. Jakub says:

    Hey Theck :) Do You uploaded your newest WeakAuras strings for patch 5.4 Priority/EF/Cooldowns?

    • Theck says:

      Yup, see today’s blog post. All of these links are updated for 5.4.

    • badwool says:

      Hey Theck, I’m new to prot pala and have, under the advice of the Icy Veins guide, since installed Weak Auras.

      I have since uploaded the paladin protection cooldown string – is there anything else I should do?

      Thanks in advance

      • Theck says:

        If all you want is the cooldowns row of the setup, then no. If you want the part that shows the rotational abilities, you’ll want to install the “Priority Row” auras as well. And of course, you may want to customize them to your liking.

  2. Kilau says:

    I always scan the Weakauras to try and understand what exactly each icon is monitoring. For icons that display when an ability is available, I noticed you use a trigger of “Cooldown Progress (Spell) and Inverse”. Is there a reason this is better than simply using “Action Available”?

    • Theck says:

      Action available also checks if the GCD is active. So if I used Action Available, all of the icons would disappear as soon as I cast something, and then pop up again when the GCD is up. That makes it very difficult to plan your next cast, as you’d essentially be playing whack-a-mole every time the GCD ended.

      Disclaimer: that’s how the trigger worked the first time I made these auras, which was 2+ years ago now. It’s possible the trigger works differently now, but I haven’t tested it.

  3. Prandros says:


    thank you for your work, but unfortenately the link http://pastebin.com/b3jTPGBC gives me only the vengeance weak aura string and not the other ones. Could you please post a link to Theck – Prot – Priority Row
    Theck – Prot – Cooldowns Row ?

    Thank you and I really appreciate your work!! Good stuff!!

  4. Prandros says:

    they worked!! thank you very much!

  5. ToHuK says:

    Hi, when i import to WA your code, it say, that your code is made for version 2, but i got 1.4.7 ( wich i just installed from curse? where i can get version 2 of WA?

  6. holychaos says:

    links not working !!!!!

    • Theck says:

      Not sure what you mean, I tried a handful of them and they all worked for me. If a particular link is broken, please let me know which one.

  7. Pandorox says:

    On your frost mage strings I’m only getting a portion of the spells from your youtube video.

    Timewarp, mirror image, & a few other are missing.

  8. Hey Theck, do you think you could post something for your raven profile? PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!?!?!!?!??

  9. Bubbnhearth says:

    Hey theck big fan your prot auras have helped me alot im wondering if you could add the auras on the left of your toon the one that tracks SotR etc…

  10. Xenastacia says:

    Hi Theck,

    thanks a lot for the great weak aura strings. I use them mainly for my protection paladin, but I try the priest strings and currently facing a problem with the disc ones. WA prompts the message “Error decompressing: Unknown compression method (214)”.
    Can you check that, please?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  11. Kelci says:

    Hey there

    Which addon gives the Holy Power bar beneath your toon?

    Thank youuu

  12. Brell says:

    I’m trying to use your weakauras strings but they aren’t working with the latest version of weakauras. Any chance you could update those for prot pali?

    Thanks for your help and the posts. Very useful

  13. Brell says:

    still not working. I was able to get another person’s export to import.

    • Theck says:

      It’s possible a recent update changed the import/export format. I’ll try and test it later today and see if I can confirm that – if so I’ll update all of the strings.

      Are you sure you’re using WeakAuras2?

      • Brell says:

        I had the wrong version but was getting a weird error message. I’ve got it sorted out. Again thanks for the post and info.

  14. Pantheon says:

    Hey Theck, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Someone turned me on to Weakauras. I have since stumbled onto your scripts. I have WA2 and on the tutorial page it says its version 1.4. I’ve copied 2 of your scripts from pastebin, http://pastebin.com/1udSzgc0 , http://pastebin.com/6TQ9K6vf and pasted them in the import section. I get an error, “Error decompressing: Unknown copression method (53)” . Do you know what this is or am I doing something wrong?

  15. xxxkingChris says:

    Can you just post your entire UI Theck for all resolutions or is that not possible? Integrating WA into my UI would be difficult space wise etc :/

  16. Theck says:

    It’s not possible to post my whole UI. It’s a patchwork of a bunch of different addons, and I don’t think they all have easily-importable settings. To get the basic structure though, you’d only need Bartender, WeakAuras, SUF, and Raven. The rest is pretty much optional.
    This post has a complete list of the addons in my UI.

  17. Jinraki says:

    Ah I was hoping you’d have one for Balance Druid. Ah well. Still using what you dfo have 😀

  18. Zil says:

    Hey Theck, I don’t know how easy this would be, but i got to thinking. When using EF, essentially what we really care about is the overall size of the heal, BoG stacks, HoPo, and ap–>sp all taken in to account. As it stands your text indicator shows what HoPo, BoG, and AP we were at, at the cast time of EF. But is there anyway to generalize it in to one number, ignoring haste, that checks the current EF size and compares it to the size of a new EF if we casted it now, all modifiers taken in to account, and gives us a red or green value to indicate better or worse. As it is now, more AP but less BoG stacks could be better or worse depending on change. One number would also be easier to look at and take up less space.

    Just a thought, i was looking into your code and trying to figure out how to do it myself but couldn’t figure it out.

    • Theck says:

      It would definitely be possible, and not even that difficult. I’ll try to find some time over the holidays to add that feature.

  19. Isaac Gentry says:

    i was wondering about the bar on the left of the screen that show what your up time is on holy avenger, avenging warth and so on

  20. Kelthyran says:

    Hello Theck, tyvm for the information you share with us. I’m new into weakauras so it might be my fault but even qhen RF is on, i still get the icon on the screen (it doesn’t happen with the icon of SoR). Also, ive notices that in your video you have a counter for the number of stacks of Bastion of Glory and the icon for Weakened Blows won’t stop jumping. Any idea of what could go wrong? Thak you for your reply.

    • Theck says:

      Not sure offhand. The stack counter for Bastion of Glory should just appear as part of the “Paladin – Protection – Cooldowns” aura set. At this point the Weakened Blows aura can probably just be removed since Crusader Strike applies it, so you can turn that one off. I don’t know why the Righteous Fury one would stop working though.

      Are you using an English client? If not, you may need to replace the English name of the spell with whatever localization you’re using.

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  22. Nimand says:

    Did you ever find a way to share your raven profile?

    • Theck says:

      There’s no way to export or import a Raven profile, no. At best you could go mucking around in the SavedVariables file and try to isolate the part you want. I can throw the appropriate SavedVariables file on pastebin if you feel like doign that.

  23. Pherani says:

    Hey Theck!

    Pherani here, I just want to say the I created a Weak Aura 2 string for showing how much time you have left with the SotR ability to show when you’re mitigating damage. It displays when the buff is activated when in combat.

    I’m sure you can alter the display settings.

    Shield of the Righteous:


    Sorry for the mass characters.
    Thanks for Everything on this site.

  24. Tobias says:

    i belive you`re arms warrior weakauras are abit outdated since it contains a string for rend which isnt in the game anymore.

  25. Interested says:

    what rotation are you using in clcret?

  26. Manos says:

    hi, is there a weak aura to track the proc and remain cd for the legendary cloak?

  27. lukus24 says:

    Hey Theck, a big thank you for sharing your hard work here. These wa’s are really nice to use.

    @Manos, yes, just set one up to track the debuff Endurance of Niuzao or for dps, the debuff on the target called essence of yu’lon, or what ever the buff name is you want to track.

  28. johnspaladin says:


    Your work on WA strings has brought my tanking to the next level. I thank you kindly.

    If you could find it in your heart to upload some info on your clcret settings (Screenshots of setting page, maybe a short video of what your ret play looks like, I would be most grateful. I would like to see how you organize the info on screen and benefit from seeing what you have come up with.


  29. Morgriff says:

    Hi Theck.

    I tried to use 4 of your auras:
    -Vengeance/SS/EF Helper Auras (
    -SS/EF Vengeance Bar Overlays
    -Vengeance/SS/EF text indicators
    -EF/SS Stoplight Auras

    But only “Current Haste” and “Vengeance” seem to work. The other ones do not even show up and if I force them to show, they just dont update (BoG always @ 0…).
    Im not an expert with WeakAuras, is there something I am missing ?

    • Theck says:

      Are you also using the Vengeace Bars ( http://pastebin.com/4vuPNm64 ) in addition to the overlays? I’m not sure that would cause a problem since they should be independent of the text indicators and stoplights, but if you install them and it fixes the problem, that gives me some information with which to debug.

      Also, make sure you’re using WeakAuras2, not WeakAuras. If you’re not sure, re-download it just to make sure. WA2 has fixed some bugs in the original that could cause the auras to not work correctly.

      • Morgriff says:

        Currently using WeakAuras2.

        I installed the Vengeance Bars in addition to the ‘EF suite’. Vengeance bars work perfectly but it does not change the fact that the EF tools do not even show when im in combat, casting EFlames on myself all day long.
        Thats being said, when I tried to investigate, I actually noticed that creating custom auras seems doable. I’ll see if I can figure out why it is not working and if I fail… Ill prolly create my own auras.

        PS: Never had a chance to tell you but your work is amazing. Being a maintankadin reader for a long time now, I cant stress how useful and interesting all you’ve done have been to me. Thank you.

      • Morgriff says:

        (Soz for stupid double post)

        Just a question about coding:

        local _,_,_,bogStacks=UnitBuff(“player”,”Bastion of Glory”)

        What does the “_,_,_,” means ?

      • Morgriff says:

        Okay, I figured it out.
        The problem comes from the fact that I am a french faggot who uses his own language in the game ^^
        Your entire aurasystem is coded with the names of the spells and I’m pretty sure WeakAuras simply parses the combatlog at some point. So when your auras check for “Eternal Flame” events, they see nothing because, in MY (french) combatlog, it is called “Flamme éternelle”.
        I am going to adapt the whole thing to work regardless of localization (using spell/buff iDs). If youre interested in the result, let me know, I’d be proud to contribute.

        • Theck says:

          Yeah, almost all of the function calls use English names. I’m not sure if they can all be replaced with spell ID, but I’m pretty sure UnitBuff calls can, though, which is the bulk of them. Let me know if you succeed.

          The “_,_,_,” just means to throw away the first three function returns, since we only need the fourth one (# of stacks).

  30. Morgriff says:

    Youre right. Checking buffs can be done using iDs but it cannot be done with spellcasts without modding WeakAuras itself (or I just dont know how).
    I modded all your custom functions to work regardless of localization but the WeakAuras setup is for french (this part is the easier one to change)

    If any french (or anyone else, making it work for german or whatever else is quite easy) guy need something like this. Email ooa.valentin@hotmail.fr

  31. Kurvrath says:

    Hello Theck,

    Thanks for your Weak Auras 2 strings. I had the same problem as Morgriff for the same reason (french client) and when I was changing a few names, I was wondering if you updated your strings to check if the player is using the Sanctified Wrath talent since it boost incoming heals by 20% (on top of the 20% boosted heal done with the usual Avenging Wrath) ? My question is maybe stupid but it was bugging me.

    • Theck says:

      I honestly can’t remember, but I don’t think I did. I’m on vacation this week though, so I can’t easily check. That said, I’m unlikely to bother updating them any time soon given that this particular issue won’t be relevant in Warlords.

  32. kk says:

    having a hard time with weak auras do you have a a tutorial on it ?

  33. Firedrake1 says:

    Okay, so these seem to be working great. However, when I use an ability the icon (in the rotation bar) doesn’t grey out, and show the abilities cool down. Did I miss a setting? I used your 5.4 ones before, and they worked great.

    • Theck says:

      As far as I can tell, the cooldown spiral is broken in this version of WeakAuras – it’s not something I changed in the auras themselves. I was seeing the same behavior on beta and on live today. I’ll contact the author and see what’s up.

  34. Darkie says:

    Hi theck. First off thanks for all you do! I’ve been using Weakauras sice wrath, and I have always been able to show an icon for cooldown progress, starting from the 12 position and moving like a clock the icon gets darker or lighter…. Since playing beta I can not seem to get that to work, and since updating my addons cant seem to get that to work, any ideas?

    THanks- Darkie

    • Theck says:

      The cooldown spiral is actually part of OmniCC, which hasn’t been updated for WoD yet. I’d give them a few days, it sounds like it’s a simple fix (I spoke with the WA author, who figured out what was wrong).

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  36. Zaidian says:

    Hey Theck! Was having issues with my old strings due to me messing with them too much I am sure, but the new strings I copied this morning that you have posted (thanks for all your hardwork!) do not seem to show the absorb value of Sacred Shield. Is there something I need to do outside of the string to make that show up?

    • Zaidian says:

      Okay, I just realized with snapshotting now it doesn’t really matter to track it….I will go crawl back under my rock and suck on my thumb!

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  38. Holyprot says:

    Hello, thanks for your amazing blog.

    I want to get back in tanking but i just can’t seem to find out how to get those timers on the left in this video. i only want that one could someone please help me out.

    Also looking for an addon that can save my marks for the next time i join an instance or raid, like marks on trash etc…

    Thanks in advance.

    • Theck says:

      The timers on the left are actually from an addon named Raven – it’s the same addon that makes the buff bars at the top right of the screen.

      For marking trash, you can just make a macro that uses the SetRaidTarget API call:

      /script SetRaidTarget(“Specific Mob Name”,8);

      • Holyprot says:

        The timers with the sliding bar from right to left with the remaining cd is called raven. Thanks! Sometimes i let my sacred shield wear out without refreshing it in time, this might help!

        For the trash marking addon i meant an addon that can save a setup from instances where i have marked before. So i dont have to keep marking and marking and marking and marking and marking and marking and marking xD

        Thanks for your reply! This blog is awesome!

  39. TheOneV says:

    I am wondering what is WoG Size for.

    • Theck says:

      I thought I deleted that. Which set did you find it in? It’s supposed to estimate the amount of HP a WoG will heal you for, but I’m sure it’s horribly out of date by this point.

  40. Chzo says:

    don’t know if this is intended but the seraphin cd in seconds is not showing for me

  41. Scrambles says:

    Hey Theck,

    First of all, fantastic job, ty so much for all your hard work!

    I’ve noticed the Consecration auras having an issue with the Consecrator Glyph. Any thoughts on this? I tried writing one from scratch, I tried modifying trigger 2 for the glyphed auras you wrote, all to no avail. I’ll keep testing and see if I can come up with something. If I do I’ll post it, and so far, I’ve been unsuccessful. Have a great Thanksgiving man!

    • Theck says:

      Yeah, I meant to get to that last night and didn’t. Consecrator glyph probably works just like the glyph that lets you place consecration – it changes the spellid of Consecration, thus making the auras not work. I need to sit down and write a few new auras and change some conditionals to handle it. I may not get to it today though. Will try to do so by tomorrow.

  42. Michael Veal says:

    Is it just me or is there a lack of descriptions? In the video, I see icons that bounce andor flash, but I have no idea what that is telling me. I am not seeing any form of description of what the auras are actually telling me.

  43. Michael Veal says:

    I am just getting back into pally tanking and so far I know I need to be able to track SS.

  44. Bullvar says:

    Having difficulty getting the Priority icons to work. I’ve imported all 4 strings, but they remain static and lit as I begin a combat rotation. As I use my abilities, the spiral CD animation doesn’t work with any of them. Any ideas?

  45. Sigmund says:

    Hello Theck, thanks for all your great work. I have some issues with getting the string to load in newest version of weakauras2, it says “No data for Thecks-Priority 2 2 2 2″. You know what causes it? Trying to search for others with the same problem didn’t give me shit.

  46. Ilus says:

    I’m new to this, but your strings won’t load in WA2. It says in the options (under Display)” The children of this group have different display types, so their display options cannot be set as a group”. Can you help with that? Thank you, and I enjoy reading your theory.

    • Theck says:

      That’s not an error message. That happens for the Prot-Priority-SW group because I have a dummy text aura in there to detect whether you’re talented into SW or not.

  47. Inikah says:

    Happy New Year, Theck! You’re awesome! Keep being awesome 😀 One small q – will you update the weak auras for the other tank classes?

    • Theck says:

      Probably not until/if I level those tank classes to 100. I have no idea how likely that will be though, depends on how busy I am.

  48. Adam says:

    Getting unknown compression method with weakaura

  49. Theck, I’ve been looking for a good WA string for my shaman, and unfortunately I’m so accustomed to your Paladin strings that none of the Shaman ones I have found feel right for me. Is there any way that you could make/help me make an enhancement/resto shaman WA string that feels like your Prot Paladin string?

    • Theck says:

      I actually had a skeleton set that I built while I was leveling my shaman (Enh/Ele), but I stopped at around level 75 so they aren’t complete. But it should be easy enough to take one of the sets, import it, and change spell names and triggers and such. On the other hand, you might be better off building it from scratch since it’ll suit your needs better that way.

  50. Miridafeoii says:

    Just switched to prot and am new to weak auras. How may I customize them to my liking? When I look I’m lost lol. Thx in advance

    • Theck says:

      If you highlight a given aura, the “Display” tab on the right hand side of the interface has most of the controls you need to move and resize that aura. There are some pretty good youtube tutorials for WeakAuras you can consult for more information on how to do more detailed customization.

      • Miridafeoii says:

        Thank you very much. I’m currently leveling a destruction lock. Do you have any plans to make a thread for them? I noticed you have one for all 3 to use and one for affliction and demonology.

  51. Nakzul says:

    Hey :)
    I Just started using weakauras2 and imported your strings (which are amazing!). I started fooling around a little to add a few changes I liked and now I’m having a major issue.
    I want my trinket to show always but so far I can only get it to show when It’s on CD. I have looked around for guides on how to fix this but it seems the only thing people use is proc trinkets. Do you know if it’s possible to actually see a trinket when it is ready? (The trinket in question is Pol’s Blinded Eye)

    • Theck says:

      Can’t test this at the moment, but have you tried a “cooldown (item)” or “action usable” trigger? That would be my first guess. I have some working ones for potions I can check later.

      • Nakzul says:

        I tried the cooldown (item) but that still only shows up when it’s on cooldown. I can’t use action useable since it wants a spell name and dosn’t allow items it seems.

        • Nakzul says:

          And 30 secs after posting this I figured out how to do it. “Item equipped” was the trigger I was looking for it seems.

          Anyways thanks for taking time to answer and for being a shiny beacon of hope for all us prot palas out there! 😀

  52. Tankjar says:

    Are any of the other strings going to be updated?

    • Theck says:

      Probably not any time soon. I barely have time to play nowadays, and I only usually bother to update a set when I start leveling that class to 100. I think I have updated ones for Frost/Fire mage and Affliction warlock that I could upload, but that’s about it.

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  54. aoshi017 says:

    Hello, thanks for you’re WA strings, is awesome
    But i don’t understand why, Consecration with consecrator glyph doesn’t work, did you know where it come from ?

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  56. Ghaav says:

    Hello. The empowered seals string seems to be bugged, or at least there’s something wrong with it. I’ve imported it but nothing happens. It only shows seal of insight when it’s 5s from depleting, but never shows seal of Liadrin’s buff (haste). What may cause this?

    • Theck says:

      I have a pretty good guess at what’s wrong, but I’ll have to wait until after work this evening to fix it. With the removal of 6.1, they shuffled our seal id numbers, and I probably coded the auras off of that.

    • Theck says:

      I uploaded a new version last night – try importing it again.

      • Ghaav says:

        thanks a lot, awesome job :) one more question – from what i understood, seals are better on fights like kromog, while holy shield will be superior on e.g. flamebender?

        • Ghaav says:

          and also – do you use any specific macro for seal twisting?

        • Theck says:

          Empowered Seals is really only useful on one or two fights in Mythic BRF, like Blackhand. On Kromog you spend a fair amount of time not tanking, so you should get much better survival from HA+Seraphim if you play that combination appropriately.

          HS would be good on Flamebinder since it allows you to block the truly dangerous portion of the fight (the add breaths). But Sera+HS should still do more damage, and that may be useful in killing the adds faster.

          I don’t use any macro for seal twisting, I do it by hand.

          • Ghaav says:

            when using HA+sera, im supposed to use them as 2 seperate defensive cooldowns, is that right?

          • Ghaav says:

            i really need to be making double comments, and i dont know how to edit my previous ones.

            is it any different for heroic BRF? Or I’m pretty much free to choose whatever I want in heroic?

          • Theck says:

            Not necessarily. A lot of people pop Sera+HA together at the start of the fight for higher DPS. Sera will naturally come off of cooldown right as the SotR uptime from HA ends, so there’s really not much of an advantage to staggering them.

            You have more wiggle room with heroic BRF than with mythic, obviously. I pretty much run Sera+HA for all of heroic now.

  57. Braell says:

    Ey Theck could be awesome if you upload a version with an alarm when Sacred Shield is under 6 seconds for example. Probably it is so easy but WeakAuras already won all our fights…
    Thank you!

    • Theck says:

      Simple enough to change this yourself. Just go to the “Sacred Shield 10s” aura (within Theck-Prot-Cooldowns) and go to the “Actions” tab. You can then tell it to Play Sound (in the On Show) section and choose which sound it will play when the icon appears.

  58. Rob says:

    Theck, Couple of questions for you. 1) What’s the “SW” in the one Priority string? 2) What’s the Resolve part of the Resolve/Haste text? 3) How much better is Empowered than Holy Shield?

    Sorry if part of the first 2 questions are slightly dumb, but I just got off a long day at work and trying to raid at the same time.

    • Theck says:

      The SW stands for Sanctified Wrath. It’s a set that shifts Holy Wrath up further in priority if you have SW talented.

      Can’t fire up WoW right now, but my memory is that the Resolve part of the text is just the % increase. So e.g. it’ll go from +0% to +240% based on your Resolve (as shown in the buff tooltip).

      Empowered isn’t really much better than Holy Shield, they’re pretty equal. HS is better in some situations (aoe and magic damage), ES in others (constant physical damage).

  59. Groundsel says:

    Theck, I absolutely love your WA strings for tanking, thank you! I had a question for Retribution spec, though. You said that you use CLC instead of WA for your ret rotation. Is that just a preference, or is CLC superior? If it is just preference I was going to tinker with a copy of the tanking strings to make them suit ret, but I didn’t want to spend the time if CLC does the job better.

    • Theck says:

      I actually use Hekili now:

      It’s mostly preference. I don’t play Ret as often, so I’m not as good with it. Hekili/CLCRet basically do the math for you to figure out what’s optimal to cast, and give you 2-3 icons telling you what’s coming so you can prepare.

      Ret is also a lot less situational than prot is. There are times when I want to hold AS or Cons to pick up adds, for example, and an addon like CLCRet/Hekili wouldn’t be able to recognize that. I’ve been irritated with CLCRet before for exactly that reason – it wanted me to cast Execution Sentence even though I was saving it and Avenging Wrath for a burn phase, so all it would show me is ES and I’d lose some of my prediction ability. That would happen a lot more often as prot, which is why I don’t use that sort of addon for prot.

      That said, Hekili fixes a lot of those issues by letting you choose how many icons you want. I have it set up to show 3 moves in the future so I can see what’s coming, and to avoid the situation described above. I’m rather pleased with it for Ret.

      You will see players claim that you can do better by hand than by following the advice of one of these addons. I don’t believe them, to be honest. If you’re playing that spec for years, with a lot of practice you might be able to follow the basic priority pretty well and cover some of the edge cases. But the SimC action priority list (which Hekili uses) has loads of very situational entries that give minor DPS gains, and it would be hard to accurately reproduce that by hand without lots and lots of practice. I think most people grossly overestimate their own skill in this department.

      In any event, do whatever feels comfortable. As Ret I can produce extremely competitive DPS using Hekili, which is probably far better than I could do with a modified version of my own WA setup, simply because Hekili is doing all the complicated math so that I can focus on hitting the right buttons and performing fight mechanics. If you don’t like rotation helpers, then building your own WA setup and practicing is certainly an alternative, but I think that you’ll probably underperform compared to a rotation helper until you’ve built up months and months of practice with the WA setup.

  60. aoshi017 says:

    i want to know if in your tracking of WoG size work with the resolve and the versatility
    Because the number shown is different than the heal of WoG
    (sorry i’m french, and not an expert in english :s )


  61. Edmund says:

    Hello :)

    Will you be creating updated weak auras strings for patch 7.0.3? :)

    • Theck says:

      No. I no longer have an active WoW subscription, so I won’t be updating these in the future.

      • Edmund says:

        O :( that is a shame, they were extremely useful.

        In that case, do you know of any other site for premade prot paladin weak auras strings?

        I saw that you referenced a site called Righteous Defense, but from searching I think that has ceased as well.

        Any other blog/webpage etc you can point me towards would be greatly appreciated if you can spare the time!

        • Theck says:

          Yeah, Righteous Defense closed up shop a long time ago. Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with prot paladin bloggers since I quit, so I don’t know who else is still producing this sort of content. Slootbag’s website still has a bunch, but they don’t appear updated for 7.0:


          Your best bet is probably to check the MMO-Champion forums or look up slootbag’s stream and see if he plans on updating his WA strings.

  62. Brian says:

    Theck you got me solidly through mop and wod with your weakauras, just wanted to say thanks man.

  63. Groundsel says:

    Just another note to say Thank You Theck. Your solid and thorough research and advice was invaluable to our community, always very appreciated. Have fun with wherever you’re heading to next!

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