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Flex Capacitor

Flex raiding is fascinating because it evokes such different reactions from different groups of players.  For example, my first reaction was pure enthusiasm.  “This is great,” I thought, “I’ll be able to do more raiding on my favorite alts without … Continue reading

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Loot, Damned Loot, and Statistics

There really wasn’t much paladin-specific information provided in the MoP media event – at least, not the sort of crunchy, math-y sort of information I usually blog about.  However, there was a lot of talk about the new LFR loot … Continue reading

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The LFant in the room

The looking for raid (LFR) feature is arguably the most controversial change the game has seen in years.  No other single feature has had as large an effect on so many players.  And it’s certainly one of the largest changes … Continue reading

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