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We Didn’t Need Pants Anyhow

The recently-announced Vengeance revamp gives me a chance to revisit one of my favorite rants.  Vengeance isn’t exactly a new topic for us, as you may already know.  I’ve covered it in this blog post, and this one, and Mel’s … Continue reading

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Loot, Damned Loot, and Statistics

There really wasn’t much paladin-specific information provided in the MoP media event – at least, not the sort of crunchy, math-y sort of information I usually blog about.  However, there was a lot of talk about the new LFR loot … Continue reading

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Quick Tips for Efficient Raiding

In conversations with friends, I have mentioned some of the very small min/max things we do in raids that never seem like they’ll make a big difference, but that really add up.  These aren’t personal tips, but things a raid … Continue reading

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