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Cumulative Loot

Earlier this week Blizzard published a Dev Watercooler describing the changes in raiding in Warlords of Draenor. I don’t think anything in this article was news, in that all of these changes had been announced at Blizzcon. The major addition … Continue reading

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Tier 14 Retrospective

You know that feeling sometimes, that those of us in our 20s or 30s get about our college days? We’ll look back and think, “Man, those were the best days of my life.” And that’s kind of a sad thought, … Continue reading

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Valor Morghulis

This is a post I wrote almost three months ago.  But I wasn’t very happy with it, and ended up letting it sit around as a draft.  Every few weeks I would come back to it hoping to edit it … Continue reading

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The Valor Point Grind and Dailies

Hey all, it’s Ana back with some more commentary regarding Mists of Grindaria. Now that we are four weeks into the expansion, some of the excitement has worn off, and we’ve certainly all gone back to work and in some … Continue reading

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Data Analysis and the World First Race

In catching up on the news from this week, I found myself reading comments on mmo-champion.  I know from previous experience this is a bad idea.  I know that reading these comment threads is only going to make me angry, … Continue reading

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Mists of Farm-daria

I realized that Sacred Duty has been without an update for a very long time. I have nothing really of note to report, but I’ll go ahead and lay down some thoughts about MOP now that we’re a few weeks … Continue reading

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Turning off the buff rewards a Feat of Strength in MOP

Remember this post about “Stop Telling Raiders to Turn off the DS Buff?” UPDATE TIME! The buff has been a pretty active topic of debate these days. I have to say:I don’t know why we’re still arguing about this. People who … Continue reading

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Why I Went Retribution

I get this question a lot. I’m pretty sure I know what everyone expects me to say, especially following Meloree’s really moving post last week on the demise of tanking. It would be pretty easy to say that I stopped … Continue reading

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I was a 25H Progression Tank

I don’t play World of Warcraft anymore, and I haven’t in a couple of months.  There’s a lot of reasons for that, and I really don’t want to turn this into a QQ post, because I’d actually like to come … Continue reading

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WeakAuras Strings – Protection Paladins

A good UI is a key to mastering any class.  I’ve talked about my UI once before, so I’m not going to go into great detail about how I organize things in this post.  However, about 3 or 4 months … Continue reading

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