About The Blog

(written by Ana)

So what is the purpose of this blog we started?

Huh. You know, I wrote this as a “we”, but I can’t speak for my coauthors. I’ll just speak for myself.

The Go To Prot Paladin Blog For News (or not)

Yeah, no. I don’t think so.

I’m not looking for fame or glory or to be THE GO TO PROT PALADIN blog. I already spent a bit of time at the go-to prot paladin blog. I think we can all agree- that’s Rhidach over at Righteous Defense. Rhidach is the one with the up to date information, the announcements and the newsworthy posts. Oh, and he’s also the Wow Insider prot paladin blogger. Thank god, someone over there knows what they’re doing.

You want news? Go there. Am I buttering up a BFF? Why, yes, I sure am!

But that is not the kind of blog I could write. We are a whole different animal. This is a different kind of place. I think.

What Kind of Blog Is This?

The three authors are Mel, Theck, and Ana. You can read more about us here. All three of us are paladin tanks – and, more importantly, we are progression tanks in hard-mode focused 25 man guilds. That is what we share & have in common, even though Cadenza, Edge, and Something Wicked are three very different kinds of guilds. (Editors Note: although, come to think of it, all three of our guilds do very difficult content on a very limited schedule… hmm. We do have that in common. Anyways: )

My inbox is chock full of pages and pages of tanking talk. We spent far, far too much time talking about and writing about tanking. We’re the type who are likely to write the long and rambling posts. All three of us.

Here you’re likely to get rants about the meta game. Raid leading, or hard mode schedules, adjusting to hard mode raiding, or random stories about raids last night.

You’ll get today’s tanking news, not off the front page of MMO Champion, but like it comes out of AT&C and straight from the brains of Theck, Mel, and Ana.

Hope you enjoy!

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We also put a lot of time and thought into these posts. I’m pimping the blog as much as I can over on my twitter. If you enjoy reading the stuff we’re writing, please write a short comment!

After all, we do have some kind of e-peen contest to see who can get the most replies, and as the girl here I absolutely must win… I mean… please comment.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!

Hearts, stars, and rainbows (sorry, I couldn’t resist),