About The Authors

Theck (@TheckPhD)

Theck plays in Cadenza, a 2-night-a-week alliance side guild on Tichondrius (formerly of Blackrock). He is well known as a Maintankadin moderator as well as being the mathy brains behind much of today’s paladin tank theorycrafting. You can usually find his work stickied at the top of the Advanced Theorycraft and Calculations forum. I’m always telling him that he needs more graphs. The ladies love the graphs!

Meloree (@MelofEdge)

Meloree is the raid leader of Edge, a 4 night a week guild located on Garona, Alliance side. Mel enjoys precision killing his DPS on trash, pushing his guild ever higher in the US rankings, and arguing with people who are wrong on the internet.

Anafielle (@Anafielle)
<Something Wicked>

Anafielle is a retribution paladin in Something Wicked, a 3 night a week guild located on Whisperwind, Alliance side that is currently 8/8 H 25. Ana is not exactly a tank anymore and recently fell to the dark side of mainspec DPS, so she really doesn’t belong on a tank blog, but Theck and Mel haven’t figured out how to remove her access yet. Ana enjoys running straight into Nuclear Blasts, the H Bone Link Fetish trinket, and talking about herself in the third person.