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Last evening, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Logan, Viktory, and Hi-Ya of the Leetsauced Podcast and recording an episode. We had a pretty wide-ranging discussion covering topics such as what separates WoW from other MMOs, content types and pacing, WoW as an e-sport, and some of the new changes in Warlords of Draenor.

Advance warning: we got kind of wordy, and the episode is apparently 3 and a half hours long even after editing. I’m not 100% sure how much of that is my fault, but if you want to listen to me ramble in a moderately-coherent fashion (staying up late and drinking at the same time doesn’t lend itself towards fully-coherent rambling), you can download episode 4.06 at their website or on iTunes.

During the show, Vik and Logan provided the first part of a code for a free copy of Saints Row: The Third on Steam. Here’s the second half:



A little bird told me that the elusive Meloree will be on their next episode later this week. So if you want to know what he’s been up to, you may want to watch @Leetsauced for that episode.

Also, in case you missed it, version 547-4 of Simulationcraft is available for download, which contains a working implementation of TMI v2.0. Note that there are a few changes coming eventually in 547-5 to make it adhere more closely to the new spec, as well as innately distinguish between TMI and ETMI.

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8 Responses to Leetsauced Podcast Appearances

  1. queldan says:

    Oooooooh nice. Don’t think I ever did hear your or Mel’s voice, but three hours? Do you really think we have nothing to do at work?

    You know, let’s leave that question hanging…

  2. Keres says:

    took two days but made it through the whole thing. Was fairly interesting overall.

    Quick question though, said you said that overall you felt like they were going in a good direction with the current Alpha patch notes, what is your opinion of them giving Riposite to Prot and the Shining Protector passive.

    Riposite doesn’t seem like its going to be enough to pick up the value of Crit, compared to the other secondaries.

    As for Shining Protector: it seems like it’s usefulness will be questionable until we are able to get the bonus to 100%. As I understand the passive, as it reads now, that is currently at about 3300 MS rating at 100. This almost makes me think that it may be our third best secondary, after Haste and Mastery.

    This excludes Bonus Armor of course, but from the looks of it, aside from heavy spell damage fights (if any) we’re going to want as much as we can get a hold of.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Theck says:

      I think the Shining Protector bonus is neat. I assume that the reason you find it “questionable” is because it’s not guaranteed below 100%? That doesn’t bother me, really. First, note that neither is Seal of Insight, yet it’s a pretty potent survival mechanism. Second, the new healing paradigm we’ve been promised should strengthen throughput stats and put a little less emphasis on short, 2- to 3-second windows of burst.

      I have no real opinion about Riposte yet. If we hated avoidance in MoP, then I don’t think a crit->avoidance conversion will make crit all that appealing.

      That said, something’s going to have to be our weak stat. If MS and crit both trail haste and mastery, that’s not really a huge problem as long as they’re not complete garbage. I think it’s a little too early to worry about that, since the end result will be very heavily dependent on what happens during the numbers passes.

      • Keres says:

        Yes, my concern that since it isn’t consistent, until you hit that 100% level, the it’s best to leave it by the wayside until you can.

        As you say though, if we aren’t getting hit for 40-60% of our HP a hit then there is room for more effects like SoI to come into play, with all of them increasing our recovery from hits a bit.

        Time will tell I guess. Maybe its just that I’m used to the current paradigm, where consistent is best, anything with variable effectiveness is an afterthought.

        • Thels says:

          Right now we don’t really want Dodge/Parry and we don’t really want Crit. Not because they don’t do anything for us, but because the other stats do more for us, and the difference is pretty big.

          Dodge/Parry and Crit are basically getting merged into a single stat, which means the overall usefulness of that stat is a little bigger, as it provides both effects for the price of one. It’ll still fall behind the other stats, but less so. We will likely still prefer Haste/Mastery items, but if you could choose between a Haste/Crit or a Mastery/Readyness item, it could be an interesting choice. Of course, the numbers game may mix this around a bit.

          The one thing I’m curious about is the effect for Warriors. When Riposte hit, it gave Warriors a much higher benefit than Death Knights. The ability worked the same for both, avoidance leading to massive crit. However, for Death Knights, that crit only lead to additional damage, making it still not that interesting a gearing choice. For Warriors, crit also lead into rage generation, making them basically double-dip.

          Haste/Crit could be a very deadly combination on a Warrior tank. We’ll have to wait and see.

        • Çapncrunch says:

          I think the RNG argument gets tossed around far too much anymore, under the assumption that “avoidance is rng and we hate avoidance so we must hate all rng” when that’s simply not the case. SoI is rng, Divine Purpose is rng, Grand Crusader is (and always was) rng, yet all of them are definitely good things.

          The reason that we dislike avoidance isn’t just because rng = garbage, in truth the reason we dislike it is simply because it’s not as good as other stats. The rng thing is really more of a qol thing, because we’d all love to be able to control everything that happens, but ultimately it’s a secondary concern next to which one produces better numbers.

          The only real concern I have about multistrike is that by making it only affect the healing we receive it makes it very susceptible to overhealing. (personally I’d like to see shining protector proc an absorb instead of a heal, though at that point we’re probably getting a little too similar to holy’s mastery).

          • Çapncrunch says:

            Also, on multistrike in general I expect that it’s going to have a rather favorable conversion rate to start with. Consider as a dps stat, compared to crit, since functionally they’re very similar: both give your attacks a chance to do extra damage. But a crit proc gives you +100% damage while a multistrike proc only gives you 30% more damage. Which means for them to be anywhere near close in value (as blizzard has said they want all stats to be) multistrike is going to have to scale much better than crit. If they had similar conversion rates then multistrike would be straight up inferior to crit for every single spec in the game. It’d be complete garbage.

            And while we may have varying degrees of doubt in Blizzard’s ability to tune all stats to be all that close in value, I think it’d be stupid for anyone to expect that they’d leave one of their brand new stats as being so far behind across the entire board. I personally expect that once the numbers passes are underway multistrike is going to basically turn into a more consistent/smaller yield version of crit.

            In addition to that, there are also plenty of ways they could independently tweak shining protector to adjust how valuable it is to us without affecting multistrike itself. They could put a multiplier on the conversion between out multistrike% and shining protector to make it even more consistent for us (ie giving shining protector a proc chance equal to say 1.5 times our multistrike chance), or they could pump shining protector up higher than just a 30% bigger heal (since the extra heal is actually a separate mechanic from multistrike it doesn’t need to be married to the same 30% number). They could also go with my suggestion above and make it proc an absorb instead of a heal. Or some combination thereof.

          • Theck says:

            We’ve already been told that the rating conversion for multistrike will be a little over 3x more generous. In other words, 100% multistrike will be about the same rating as 30% crit.

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