A Letter to Celesty Claus

Every Winter Veil, children of both factions write letters to Greatfather Winter and ask for toys and games. In the meantime, their parents are writing letters and saying prayers to a completely different deity: Celesty Claus, the great celestial dragon that maintains the cosmic (class) balance. Legends say that he flies through the sky on Winter Veil Eve showering the world with nerfs and buffs, and the occasional meteor by accident (one of the inherent downsides of automated shooting star delivery systems).

celesty claus

A rare picture of the elusive Celesty Claus.

Classes that were good that year are happy to wake up on Winter Veil morning to find buffs in their stockings. However, classes that were bad check their stockings with trepidation, because they know they’re only likely to receive nerfs.

The rest of the year is usually spent bickering about who got the best loot from Celesty Claus and why everyone else needs to be nerfed because they’re clearly overpowered in PvP. And asking for ponies.

Of course, he never brings ponies, because he’s heartless. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, but in a literal, anatomical way. Dude’s made of stars, he’s powered by fusion reactions, he doesn’t have a need for meat and sinew. How many ponies do you know that have survived the heat – not to mention radiation exposure – of a body made of stars? So wishing for a pony is pretty stupid unless you want char-broiled irradiated pony.

This is my letter to Celesty Claus for this year, specifically for protection paladins.

Dear Celesty Claus,

I know you’re a busy man… dragon… spectral titan construct… thing. So I’ll dispense with the milk and cookies and get right to the point. Which is asking you for stuff.

1. Please bring me a version of Holy Wrath that doesn’t have the damage-splitting effect. I get the original goal – a long time ago in a continent far away it was a neat way to give Retribution AoE damage that wasn’t “free” without adding another spell to their arsenal. But this is 2014, Retribution doesn’t even have Holy Wrath anymore. It’s ours now, and really should be designed around our needs.

And right now, we need snap aggro. We’re already strong on up to three targets thanks to Avenger’s Shield.  And our sustained aggro on large groups of mobs is also fine thanks to Consecrate. But the difficulty is picking up aggro on groups of 5+ mobs so that our sustained aggro can do its thing. On large groups, Holy Wrath hits weakly enough that it can’t compete with things like Dizzying Haze and Thunder Clap.

I realize that removing the damage splitting effect is a buff to Holy Wrath, and a buff to our sustained AoE DPS/aggro as well. I’m happy to accept a nerf to Consecration to balance out sustained DPS to make Holy Wrath a more useful spell.

2. Please bring us equitable talent choices on our level 45 tier. Eternal Flame is extremely strong even without our tier 16 four-piece set bonus. It really needs to be nerfed a little more in order for Sacred Shield to be a competitive option.

Likewise, Selfless Healer is in a pitiable state for protection. An instant Flash of Light, while nice, still costs a GCD, doesn’t heal for as much as a full-strength Word of Glory with 5 stacks of Bastion of Glory, and doesn’t come with the fringe benefits of Eternal Flame. Please give it some love so that somewhere, some protection paladin will feel like it’s worth taking.

If Selfless Healer could allow Flash of Light to be cast off of the GCD for protection, that would help a lot. But it also needs to heal for a lot more to make up for the fact that it doesn’t give you the long-term smoothness of Eternal Flame or Sacred Shield. Those two talents prevent spikes before they start by giving you predictable healing or absorption at regular intervals. For Selfless Healer to be able to compete with those two proactive talents, it has to be a very effective reactive choice.

It should really gain the full increase from Bastion of Glory so that the talent remains competitive as we stack mastery. Ideally, a Flash of Light cast with 3 stacks of Selfless Healer and 5 stacks of Bastion of Glory should heal for quite a bit more than a Word of Glory with 5 stacks of Bastion so that it’s your first go-to reactive tool. It’s trying to compete with two strong “over-time” effects, so it should condense the raw healing or absorption of those effects into a single huge shot. If it doesn’t heal for 80% of your health, it’s not really going to be competitive with an Eternal Flame that heals for 60%-70% and gives you several times your health over 30 seconds.

3. Please bring me a version of Consecrate that benefits from haste. As I’m sure you know, we paladins love haste, almost to the point of irrationality. And while Sanctity of Battle helpfully reduces Consecrate’s cooldown as we stack haste, it doesn’t change its tick interval. It ticks at fixed one-second intervals no matter what your haste level is.

The problem that arises here is that when we’re at high levels of haste, we can be in a position where we re-cast Consecrate before the previous one is done ticking. Since we can’t have two Consecrates on the ground, we end up clipping the earlier cast and losing ticks, reducing Consecrate’s damage per cast.

In a single-target situation, it’s fine for Consecrate to be our lower-DPS filler that remains a low priority. However, in AoE situations it is a much higher priority. That reduces the effect of haste on our many-target sustained threat. It’s almost like the spell suffers from diminishing returns with respect to haste.

More importantly, it makes it trickier to use properly for novice paladins. You lose DPS if you recast it early, but you lose more DPS by bumping it lower in priority during AoE situations. The default unit frame even shows a little timer for it, which could be misleading for a novice. I’d just like to see it work more seamlessly with Sanctity of Battle so that it feels less awkward.

4. Please make seals interesting again. I remember losing auras. It was sad to lose something iconic, but at the same time they had devolved into a “set it and forget it” mechanic that didn’t add a lot of fun game play. If it’s something I won’t change for hours and has a minimal effect on my experience, it’s probably not worth keeping.

The problem is that seals feel very much the same way as protection. Seal of Truth has been neutered to the point that the DPS increase is negligible. Seal of Righteousness is similarly weak. And most importantly, Seal of Insight is such a strong survivability component that it is almost never worth giving up for either of the other two. You could remove Seal of Truth and Seal of Righteousness from protection and most tankadins wouldn’t even notice.

But the idea behind the Warlords of Draenor talent “Seal of Faith” is interesting. We would trade a bunch of damage output for healing output. Of course, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now, because we don’t have the supporting tools to make that useful. But if we had a more extensive toolkit of healing spells, I could imagine using that talent to help my raid survive heavy raid damage phases.

I don’t think I’ll ever take that talent, because having Holy Shield back is just too cool, but it’s the thought that counts.

And in this case, I’d love to see all seals work on this basic principle of having a more significant effect on your play. Seal of Insight could be the default “tanking” seal that gives you a big chunk of survivability by increasing armor and healing throughput. Seals of Truth and Righteousness could sacrifice a lot of that self-healing to grant other benefits that are primarily useful while not tanking, much like Seal of Faith sacrifices damage for more (possibly) raid-healing or off-healing capability.

The one fear is that by being able to swap between highly disparate modes could cause tank imbalances. We’ve seen this before, where one tank was able to switch from high damage output to high survivability by toggling stances, and it caused plenty of problems. It’s really something that all tanks need to be able to do in similar capacities to be balanced.

But the alternative is to just redesign or eliminate seals. Seal twisting just isn’t very fun for the same reason most retribution paladins dislike Inquisition.  Spending resources now for a zero-damage GCD feels bad, even if the math says it’s an overall DPS increase. And for protection, the damage increase is rarely, if ever, worth the large survivability sacrifice of dropping Seal of Insight. If seals aren’t getting redesigned, I’d rather just see each spec get one seal: Seal of Insight for protection and holy, Seal of Truth for retribution.

If you really want to go a little radical with the redesign option, give us one “passive” seal and make the others active abilities that operate like cooldowns. Seal of Righteousness could replace the active seal, granting its usual effect for 15-20 seconds on a one-minute cooldown, and then automatically swap back to the “default” seal after the effect has ended. That would give us the ability to actually use Seal of Righteousness for a temporary AoE damage boost without costing us two GCDs.

5. Please bring us an end to the raid cooldown arms race. While it’s nice to be able to contribute something to the raid group, the sheer number of raid cooldowns being tossed around is getting absurd. Many encounters are being designed around rotating raid cooldowns to survive. While there’s certainly some level of coordination involved in that, I think it makes the game less fun for healers. It also leads to class stacking on encounters where those cooldowns are not equitable.

I feel that raid cooldowns should be limited to one role, and that role should probably be healers. In 20-man mythic, the number of healers should be more stable than it is in current 25-man heroics. While the number of tanks will be stable as well, the temptation to sacrifice a little DPS for another raid cooldown would be strong.  Sacrificing an entire player worth of DPS for a raid cooldown is much more punishing and also more strategic, since you would do that on a fight where you presumably want more healing to begin with.

Raid cooldowns should, in my mind, be a finite resource that you have to use intelligently and carefully. Precision tools to deal with only the most difficult situations. Rotating cooldowns to trivialize an entire 30-60 second period of an encounter just feels cheesy to me, as is having enough Devotion Auras to throw at every single instance of a boss’s raid-wide damage ability.

Yes, I will be sad to give up Devotion Aura. But I will be happier with raiding as a whole, so it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


P.S. Sorry about killing your cousin Elegon every week for the past six months or so. He was… um… corrupted by the Mogu or something, so it was justified. Each week. Really. On the bright side, he dropped this great mount that looks just like you!


happy holidays

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Sacred Duty. See you next year!


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22 Responses to A Letter to Celesty Claus

  1. Geodew says:

    Haha fun post.

    #5: I’m of the same opinion; the utility race needs to be solved by removing utility, not giving utility. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. The main thing is just designing fights and total raid utility so that any hard part of an encounter can’t just be covered by raid cooldowns and then laughed at. Relatedly, I’m also hoping that with moving to the 20-man gold standard raid size that we see raid cooldowns going back to 6 people as the base target count. I believe the cooldowns scaling up in 25m was because otherwise cooldowns like Power Word: Barrier and Spirit Link Totem were too powerful compared to other cooldowns? But there are other solutions to that problem, like scaling down the strength of PW:B with higher players (e.g. 20% for 20m becomes 40% for 10m). This solution is, of course, not perfect, with the most obvious example being “What if tanks aren’t stacking in the PWB due to fight mechanics? Then having a higher percentage of the raid being tanks is punished in lower difficulty modes,” to which my response would be “20m-only Mythic, so it doesn’t matter that much, and the alternatives are not as good.” But that’s just one solution.

  2. Çapncrunch says:

    #1: Oh Yes, I just recently made a post on the official forums about the very same topic that compared to other tanks we are rather lacking in the AoE snap-threat department. We got AS for 3 targets and if we spec it HP is pretty good for 5, but other than that we’re pretty much sol until we have enough vengeance to make HotR hit hard enough (though the changes coming to Vengeance and tank dps balance overall will probably help a bit with that).

    #2: I agree about the SS vs EF part, because every spec should always have at least 2 talents that are reasonably close on every tier so that there’s room for preference and/or situationality (I love making up words). As far as SH, eh….it’d be nice if it was made useful for us as well, but I don’t think it’s *necessary*. I think it’s ok if there’s 1 talent in a tier that one spec just doesn’t like, so long as the other 2 talents are both even enough to provide a choice to that spec and the “bad” talent is reasonably useful to one/both of the other specs. I mean just given your description, SH would have to heal for a truck-ton to compete with the over-time effects of SS and EF, which would effectively mean giving us a LoH that’s usable every ~30s, which would sort of defeat the purpose of us having a 10m cd that causes forbearance that heals for only slightly more. And even then I’d still find it questionable whether SH would be worth it because are you really going to *need* a heal that big that often, or would it wind up being half over-heal at that point? (not to say that EF or SS never overheal, but it’s more forgiveable for them since they’re smoothing damage).

    The others I don’t feel strongly enough one way or the other. And strangely enough I can’t really think of anything offhand that I would ask for myself.

  3. Wrathblood says:

    I’m totally down for some char-grilled irradiated pony.

    Is there any chance I could specifically request it to be that mincing wench Cherrilee?

  4. Keres says:

    Concerning #4: I take it you weren’t impressed by “The Light Within” talent to that adds buffs on judgement, based on seals?

    Granted I do miss seal twisting to a degree, but given how the most recent comment by Bliz on seals was that they wanted them to be stances, I wonder if The Light Within is more of a token, rather than a chance for actual seal twisting in game play. Depends on how they handle switching in and out of Seals. If it costs a GCD, even at high amounts of haste, it wouldn’t be beneficial to try to switch between seals during rotation to pick up multiple buffs.

    Guess we’ll see how it looks further in development. Out of the three talents, only The Light Within really sounds interesting.

    Seal of Faith sounds curious, but since your healing bonus is based on damage done, and your damage is reduced by the buff, and you aren’t running Seal of Insight it makes me wonder if it will be an increase in self healing or if it is a situational thing, useful only on fights where we have a damage bonus to use in our favor, especially considering the upcoming adjustment to tank damage and vengeance.

    Divine Conviction (Holy Shield) is a nice throw back to nostalgia but with the adjustments in the combat table, by splitting block off as it’s on roll, I wonder how useful it will actually be. I have 33%(32.98%) block on my sheet right now. 34% avoidance (dodge, parry and miss). Out of 100 attacks 22 will be currently blocked. With the Talent (taking the wording to meaning a 10% increase in your current value) I will have 36% block. That bumps up the attacks blocked to 24 out of 100 (rounded up). At 2k damage a block, 2 seconds a boss swing for 3 mins 20 secs fight length, gives the talent about 240 dps depending on AP scaling and such.

    …I guess we’ll see how things play out.

    • Jackinthegreen says:

      Are we sure yet whether the block boost will be additive or multiplicative? As you’ve pointed out it seems a bit weak if it’s multiplicative.

      And I doubt we can expect to have that much avoidance since dodge and parry are being taken out as stats and they’ve said somewhere on Twitter I think that their current plan is to have a constant avoidance.

      • Çapncrunch says:

        He also didn’t take into account level based penalties on dodge/block/parry/miss, each are reduced by 1.5% per level so against a raid boss we loose 9% avoidance (dodge&parry) and 4.5% block, and with base miss chance only being 3% it’s now impossible for bosses to miss us. So your 34% avoidance is actually only 22% (or 20% if you were still assuming 5% miss), and your 33% block is actually only 28.5%. Oddly this still works out to blocking 22 out of every 100 attacks.

        I don’t see why you doubt we’ll have that much avoidance in WoD just because they’re removing dodge and parry off of gear, seeing as the amount he listed sounds like he has very little dodge and parry on his gear as is (6% combined base dodge/parry plus he’s including base miss chance, and then 20%+ from strength depending on ilevel, that alone is roughly 30%)

        As far as Holy Shield, given how it worked in the past I would assume it’d be additive (even at the start of cata it was additive, until they decided it made it too easy for us to block cap that they changed it into an additive increase in block value). Plus, if it was multiplicative then it’d be such a minor increase as to be a pointless talent compared to any one of the buffs from The Light Within.

        • Keres says:

          I remembered that it was additive before, however that was mainly so that we could cap CTC. Such would be meaningless now, with block on its own roll, unless they wanted to jump the bonus to 70-75% block. However considering it an additive bonus, rather than a multiplicative bonus it still only bumps up the block chance, against equal level, to 28 out of 100.

          I might be incorrectly assuming their motives but the talent looks more like they are bringing back Holy Shield for the rebound damage rather than the increase in block.

          With the item squish, and the vengeance adjustments, tank damage will be brought down lower, compared to current. With that reduction the new Holy Shield seems geared more for a slight DPS increase, with the added bonus of a slight reduction in physical damage taken. Seal of Faith is geared towards a further sacrifice of DPS to increase self healing, from the Protection point of view. The Light Within is just a bonus on judgment to increase the benefit from running the seal we are currently.

          Granted I could be wrong…I’m looking forward to beta to test things out. :)

          • Çapncrunch says:

            I don’t think it was additive in the past so that we could CTC cap, as it was changed specifically because of CTC capping, which is probably why they’re bringing it back in this form because CTC capping isn’t a thing anymore.

            Actually, if it was additive that would raise it to 30 blocks out of 100 (level-adjusted block chance would become 38.5 * 78% unavoided attacks), and I think that’s a fairly significant increase in blocking, over a 30% relative increase (and it would have a larger impact early in the expansion when that 10% is a larger portion of our total block chance, and presumably lower avoidance resulting in less of a “bite” out of block chance from the 2-roll system).

            Funny thought, what if they brought back altered Holy Shield from Cata, where it increased our block value by 10% (to 40% DR instead of 30%) instead of our block chance. Here’s my thought on it, giving us “free” block% reduces the value of mastery (such as when SotR was originally going to give us 100% block chance on the next hit instead of 3s of damage reduction), while making our blocks bigger will increase the value of mastery. With their intent to narrow the gap between secondary stats in WoD, this could potentially make mastery more competitive with haste (granted this comes with an entire shaker of salt since we don’t know how everything will balance or how stat ratings will scale in WoD, but still I’d much prefer talents that increase the value of stats rather than talents that reduce their value).

    • Theck says:

      No, I wasn’t really impressed by it. Mostly because I don’t think it will do much to encourage seal-twisting (which is fine – I don’t really care for seal twisting anyway), at which point the purpose of the talent seems questionable.

      Consider that the Seal of Insight bonus is really good (3% of your health every 2 seconds), so you’ll always use that while tanking. The Seal of Righteousness bonus (10% attack speed) is mostly irrelevant since it only affects our white swings, so it’s a pitiful DPS increase that probably isn’t worth the 2 GCDs spent swapping to it and back. Seal of Truth is better (10% Attack Power), since it will basically be 10% extra damage. If we’re looking at ~30-second taunt swaps, then we have to figure out if 2 of those 20-30 GCDs is worth it for 10% extra damage from the rest of them. My guess is that it’ll be awfully close, on average, and probably not worth bothering with as a result.

      So basically, to me it feels like the talent should just be “Empowered Judgement” and grant “Protection: 3% of your health every 2 seconds for 20 seconds; Retribution: +10% attack power for 20 seconds; Holy: Beacon of Light can now be placed on 2 targets.”

      Seal of Faith is a little bit of an oddball, intentionally. I discussed it a bit with Celestalon and BlizzCon and he said that the basic idea was that it would be a different stance, sort of like a monk swapping from full Mistweaver to a Fistweaving setup. We trade a bunch of DPS for increased healing output. It was emphasized that this wasn’t primarily for more self-healing, but for raid healing. Which is why this talent is sort of misunderstood at this point – we don’t currently have the sorts of raid-healing tools that we’ll have to get in WoD to make this talent make sense.

  5. Aribethe says:

    I’d like to also see something done to Forbearance. Either remove or reduce it. Its an antiquated mechanic from old days when other classes did not have the abilities they have today. Other classes can chain CDs to similar effects without a shared CD mechanic like Forbearance. Minimally, remove Lay on Hands from the list of spells. Its not as powerful as it used to be when you couldn’t global players in PvP. Its also frustrating when it messes with PvE. I’ve had situations where I got a LoH from Holy Paladin and it totally screwed up my plans for Divine Shield.

    As for seals, I too would like to see them become an interesting mechanic. They should change your gameplay. Also they should be moved to their own GCD like stances.

    Seal of Faith also needs more thought put into it. Its purpose for Holy sounds like, but in practice seems clunky. What is its purpose for Ret or Prot? There is no reason to ever take it. You will already be losing damage from not using a damage seal, and another 30% to boost? For Prot, you’ll give up a chunk of your survivability for what? We only have Flash of Light and WoG, and WoG is already a tradeoff of DPS/Survival for healing. Casting FoL for a tank when they are being hit would be suicide on top.

    • Theck says:

      See my comment directly above yours – Seal of Faith is tough to understand at this point because we don’t have the whole story. In a world where we had a couple of raid healing spells (think Holy Radiance, for example), you could imagine taking it to survive heavy raid healing situations. But it’s still going to be awfully niche.

      • Çapncrunch says:

        soooooooo niche. Really I don’t think there’s a legitimate way for them to make the idea work. Consider that taking SoF doesn’t just mean that Ret is giving up their damage glyph plus 30% of their other dps for increased raid healing when it’s active, but it ALSO means that they are giving up the dps benefits of the other talent that they could have instead of SoF for the rest of the encounter. How do you possibly make that a desirable trade for a dps spec?

        Fights would need to have significantly healing intensive periods to make this seem attractive/worthwhile which carries 2 inherent issues: first is #5 up there in the blog post, even if SoF isn’t a cd, it’d still be treated that way for Ret (and prot) to provide increased raid survival for a short period, and second is that it would need to have a significant affect on raid survival to be worth a 30%+ dps loss even for a short duration, which then runs the risk of making paladin stacking a viable strategy for surviving/trivializing healing intensive mechanics.

        It’s one of those things that sounds good on paper, but in reality you either end up making a super class/spec that does everything or a jack-of-all-trades class/spec that does everything….badly, and neither really works for class balance.

        • Jackinthegreen says:

          The intent has been that it’s still a 1/2 DPS and 1/2 healing role. They want us to always be using SoF if we spec into it and not have it be a CD or something. In the case of Ret though I can see the 30% DPS loss to be too much on top of not being able to use SoT, not having another T100 talent, and also not using as many DPS abilities since heals will be going out.

          We’ll see how the abilities numbers go, and that’s pretty much it for that talent.

          • Çapncrunch says:

            That’s what I mean, I don’t think the idea of a half-and-half spec can work. It’s the same issue with trying to create a “support” role, either it becomes mandatory for all groups to have one (or more) or it’ll be completely unnecessary and not worth using.

      • Aribethe says:

        There would need to be new spells added or spells changed.

        For a healer, doing DPS is usually for low damage times in the fight. Atonement and Fistweaving automatically puts out lower healing while doing damage, similar to Battle Healers old method. SoF would be damage damage heal damage damage heal. The added healing does little in a single target heal situation and other than Light’s Hammer, Paladin AoE heals are instants. Unless they were given long durations it becomes too maintenancy for a a heal dps mode.

        Yes there could be some value in infrequent AoEs where a Paladin could store a huge amount of spell power and put out a monstrous Holy Radiance to bring everyone to full. However, if its really that good then it becomes imbalanced. There is a risk in the design as explained so far. Looking at current numbers, they would basically gain 1x more Spell Power a second of DPSing at least. A raid buffed healer has what? maybe 60k Spell Power. Even a paltry 60K DPS would be gaining 100% Spell Power per second of DPSing. In order to balance it, i’d see them doing something like capping Faith or lowering the ratio of Faith to Spell Power down to something like 10% and making worthless. One Holy Paladin could make something like Dire Call or Calamity a Joke if its 100% damage to Spell Power with unlimited build up. So the only way I can see it being useful is unbalanced unless the other healers can do similar things.

        Healers going into DPS mode is for when they don’t need full healing and they can add more by being 50/50 DPS/Healing.

        For Prot it still would not make sense to store up a huge Holy Radiance by giving up all our self healing, AND 30% damage. We’re trading off way to much unless they nerf the crap out of SoI like they did SoT. We can also just take Light’s Hammer for infrequent AoEs. If its sustained AoE then it has to be a mana and holy power free heal or we’re once again trading off too much. I realize things may change, but it would have to be pretty dramatic.

        Tank self healing is pretty high, giving that up for some raid healing or burst healing doesn’t seem to make sense unless its a really weird fight.

        I also don’t think it will work where a tank can go into healer mode. More often its a tank going into DPS mode. Similar to Bears going Cat in prior xpacs. Or the new War L100 Talent Gladiator Stance. I’d prefer something more like that for Prot. Just cause its the same talent doesn’t mean its purpose has to be the same for all specs.

        Or for tanks make it give us more damage reduction for losing SoI healing. Maybe something like make SotR do 10% more damage reduction. Or SotR gives us a damage absorb for X damage where X is based on Faith stored. And seriously look at that 30% damage done reduction and lower it to say 10%. Unless something really changes remember that we are giving up another seal to use SoF.

        For Ret, once again they are giving up way too much by giving up their damage seal AND 30% damage. Burst AoE damage doesn’t happen that frequently or its a healer intensive fight and you’d just bring an extra healer then put a Ret at 60% damage for some oddball healing. If the AoEs are far enough apart they can take Light’s Hammer for those with a much smaller DPS loss, and maybe a gain if adds are there.

        DPS going into healing the tradeoff can’t be 50/50. If u need another half a healer and thats make or break then the fight is really well tuned or your healers aren’t pulling their weight. Otherwise, if u need 1 more healer total just bring 1 more.

        Needing multiple DPS going into heal mode to go 50/50 would mean a fight shifts heavily from DPS needs to Healing needs and then the classes that could do it are then more valuable.

        IMHO a DPS to healer mode needs to be more like 80/20 DPS/Healing and done more elegantly. Something more like SoF makes your Divine Storm heal nearby players for X% of its damage over 5 seconds but its does 10% less damage(seems low but SoT is being given up also). Or just SoF into the old Battle Healer for them. Even for PvP SoF makes no sense. A DPS needs burst damage and healing. Not crap damage and burst healing.

    • Jackinthegreen says:

      Celestalon did say that Ret was going to get extra options for SoF such as HR and stuff, I’m guessing Prot will also be getting more healing spells so SoF actually makes sense. We’ll just have to wait until they release more information on it.

  6. Matty says:

    Thank you again for another wonderful post. Someday, maybe someday, I’ll send my paladin back to school and figure it all out. Feeling bewildered now. http://wowsugar.blogspot.com/2013/12/dear-mr-theck.html Happy New Year, good folks at Sacred Duty!

  7. Thels says:

    Nice wishlist.

    Only personal peeve I would like to add is how Hand of Sacrifice is working right now. With Retribution not having any mandatory glyphs, the Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice is pretty standard now, which means that:

    We can give another player -30% all damage taken for 12 seconds.
    We can give ourselves -40% magic damage taken for 10 seconds.

    The ability to place a stronger cooldown on other characters than we can place on ourselves is pretty weird. Picking up stray mobs is something I’ve been accustomed to over the spawn of playing WoW, but nowadays, it’s just a lot smarter to let another character with a decent selfbuff pick it up, and place Hand of Sacrifice on that player.

    I guess that would be too strong for Prot, though.

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