Patch 5.2 WeakAuras Configurations

It’s been a few months since I last posted about my WeakAuras strings for tanking.  Nothing seems to have broken in 5.2, so if you’re still using the old ones from 5.1 they should continue to function just fine.  However, I recently added a neat feature that tracks Sacred Shield, so I figured it was worth an update.

Sacred Shield‘s absorption value is set when the 30-second buff is cast, and it doesn’t update dynamically as your Vengeance fluctuates.  As a result, sometimes it pays to recast Sacred Shield if you’ve gained a large amount of Vengeance since the last cast, even if it still has plenty of time left.  And of course the opposite can happen: maybe you just refreshed Sacred Shield at a very high level of Vengeance, and you don’t want to accidentally overwrite it with a lower value (and thus, you might leave a GCD empty rather than using it to recast Sacred Shield again).

Unfortunately, the default UI doesn’t give you any hints as to which situation you’re in.   You could mouse over the buff, read the absorb value off of the tooltip, and then back-calculate in your head to figure out how much Vengeance that corresponds to… or you might be human (like me) and can’t possibly pull that off on-the-fly while tanking.

Solution: let WeakAuras do the work for you.  I already had an aura that shows you how much Vengeance you have, courtesy of Sunnier over at Sunnier’s Art of War.  What I’ve added is a set of three auras that shows you how much Vengeance you had when you cast the Sacred Shield that’s currently active on you, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth recasting it.  One aura is just a “helper” that stores the Vengeance value every time you cast Sacred Shield, the other two display that value in a color-coded fashion.  The number will show up in green if Sacred Shield has more “stored” Vengeance than you have (and thus you should not recast), or red if the Shield was cast at a lower Vengeance value (and thus you would get larger absorbs by recasting).

It looks something like this; the numbers are to the left of the cooldown row, right below the white “current Vengeance” number.  You can see them change from green to red as my Vengeance level changes.

Since WordPress has been finicky about text boxes for such large strings, I’ve decided to just host everything at pastebin.  Here are direct links to the two WeakAuras strings used in my tanking UI:

Theck – Prot – Priority Row

Theck – Prot – Cooldowns Row

People frequently ask me for my auras for other classes, so now I’m hosting them all on Pastebin as well.  To get them, just peruse my pastebin account and grab what you like:

As of right now, it contains auras for the following class/spec combinations:

Death Knight – Any (used by both specs)
Death Knight – Blood
Death Knight – Unholy
Druid – Guardian
Hunter – Any (used by all hunter specs)
Hunter – Beast Mastery (L85)
Hunter – Marskman
Hunter – Survival
Mage – Any (L85)
Mage – Arcane (L85)
Mage – Fire (L85)
Monk – Brewmaster
Monk – Chi (used by both specs)
Monk – Stagger (used by Brewmaster)
Monk – Windwalker
Priest – Shadow (L60)
Rogue – Any (used by both specs)
Rogue – Combat (L85)
Rogue – Subtlety (L85)
Paladin – Retribution (just cooldowns, I use clcRet for rotation)
Paladin – Protection – Cooldowns
Paladin – Protection – Priority
Warlock – Any (used by all three specs)
Warlock – Affliction
Warlock – Demonology
Warrior – Any (used by all three specs)
Warrior – Arms (L85)
Warrior – Fury
Warrior – Protection
Amber-Shaper Unsok Vehicle HUD

Pastebin has a maximum of 20 uploads per 24 hours, so the ones that don’t have links will be uploaded as soon as my 24-hour embargo is up (likely later tonight).  Note that in many cases, these are “leftover” auras from patch 5.0 at level 85, and haven’t been updated to account for changes since then (and the Shadow Priest setup is for the priest I’m leveling now).  However, they’ll likely still be useful as a base for your own tinkering.

The Retribution setup is just a couple of cooldowns, because I use clcRet to handle the priority rather than doing it through WeakAuras.  Sorry to disappoint, but if you really want to build a full Ret UI out of this you can just copy the protection priority queue and replace the spell names with Templar’s Verdict, Exorcism, etc.

The Affliction Warlock HUD contains DoT bars that are color-coded based on Pandemic status – a red background means you’ll lose ticks if you recast.  That’s easier to show than explain, so here’s a video:

While the Affliction setup is pretty solid, the Demonology one is a little rough around the edges.  I should probably fix it up, but it just hasn’t been a high priority with how little time I’ve had for alt raiding this expansion (and when I do, it’s usually Affliction anyway).

I’ve uploaded videos of some of the other class/spec setups to my youtube account this in case you want a preview.

One final note: the Monk Chi and Stagger auras were both shamelessly stolen from Sunnier, who’s got an amazing set of auras for Monks.  I’ve adapted them slightly to fit with my standard HUD configuration, but she gets all the credit for making them awesome.

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34 Responses to Patch 5.2 WeakAuras Configurations

  1. iRONBLiND says:

    Just a thanks for sharing your Weakaura strings.
    But at your Pala is a “Timeline” running what for ?

    Thanks again for u work

  2. Promdates says:

    Shouldn’t red be “don’t cast” and green be “cast”?

    • Theck says:

      That all depends on your perspective. If you view it as “greater than current” or “less than current,” which is how the conditionals are coded, then you’d expect the opposite.

      Nonetheless, it’s pretty easy to change the color of the text in the WeakAuras interface if you prefer it reversed.

  3. Koota says:

    can someone tell me how i can Download these to WA? I wouldnt ask but im not to pc literate…I play a pally tank and love to have all info i can get.So if someone wouldnt mind giving me the DL for dummies how-to i would very much appreciate it.

    • Theck says:

      Clicking on one of the links should bring up a webpage at On that page are two text boxes containing a large chunk of seemingly random letters and numbers. Pick one of the boxes (either one will work, they’re identical) and highlight all of the text (triple left-clicking does this automatically if you’re unsure). Then either right-click on the highlighted text and choose “copy” or hit your “Control” and “C” keys at the same time.

      Then, tab back into WoW and open the WeakAuras configuration interface. At the top right click on “New” and then on the right-hand pane click on “Import.” This will bring up a text box. Press your “Control” and “V” keys to paste the text into this box. After a second or so it should pop up a window with the name of the group (i.e. “Theck-Prot-Priority”) and a list of “Children” – that’s the elements of the HUD. All you need to do is click on the “Import” button at the bottom of this window and everything should be working (you can hit “Done” to exit the text box).

  4. Koota says:

    wow theck thank you so much lol you explained that more than i ever thought someone would it all
    works great thank you again!!!

  5. Koota says:

    I just wanted to ask not sure if i over looked the name of your UI theck but i like
    seems better than what i use now which is spartan UI from curse.I want to get another UI but havent found 1 i liked,if you wouldnt mind givin me the name i would like to check it out.By the way the WA works pretty slick i couldnt get the top string to work but went to the raw data below that and it went through that was like that with both strings. Thanks again!!

    • Theck says:

      I don’t use a UI package. Everything there is set up custom, one addon at a time. See my response to Marc below for a link to the list of addons.

  6. Hi Theck,

    Could you list all the other addon you’re using by any chance ? I’m working on a new UI setup and I would really like to try a few other add on you’re using. BTW thank you for this weak aura post, I’m using power aura but I think ill switch to weak aura. Power aura can be very hard / annoying to setup sometime.

  7. Jankrd says:

    Hey Theck!
    First of all thank u very much for ur work, hope u will never quit. Don’t know what to do then :)
    When I were looking for the new values for 5.2 I found this threat and wanted to integrate the Vengeance via WA. But now my prob: every time I import your string and import it WA get bugged. The windows on the left side is just empty and I have to delete the WTF data to repair it. I have a fresh downloaded WA. Is there maybe any chance u can give me only the three lines regarding Vengeance? :) Or anybody else with the same prob who have a workaround?
    Thank u in advance.

    • Koota says:

      Hey i had the same issue at first but on the page we get the string from
      If you scroll down to the Raw Paste Data you can copy that and paste it in
      WA. I had trouble coping and pasting the top string so i copied the raw data string and it works sweet hope that helps or answers your question by no means
      am i trying to be theck lol but i would like his knowledge !! If i was way off base im sorry.

    • Theck says:

      Which one is bugging? All three worked for me when I tested them, but I’ll check again later today.

      If you just want the Vengeance display, it’s identical to Sunnier’s string:

      If you want the custom Sacred Shield color-coded bit, I can upload that individually to pastebin.

  8. Tim says:

    Perhaps this is slightly off the topic (okay so it is completely) but I was wondering how to get Theck’s UI set up. I’ve seen numerous examples that are super similar but really suck at configuring UI’s. Is this by chance part of a addon package that I could download from Curse or does it always require manual configuration?

    • Theck says:

      I don’t use a UI package. Everything there is set up custom, one addon at a time. See my response to Marc below for a link to the list of addons.

  9. Kilau says:

    Are the time-remaining bars along the left side a weakaura or another addon? Could you share the strings or the name of the addon?

    • Theck says:

      That’s my buff/debuff addon, Raven. Most of my buffs are at the top right, but I have a special group to the left to show important ones.

  10. Ariston says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while (well before I came back to WoW) for the math, and I want to really thank you for this post. I’m new to paladins, and after tweaking this for my needs (like putting my keybindings on the icons so I don’t forget them…) this has been a huge help. (Looking through this setup taught me a lot very quickly about weakauras.) I had been making do with kind of a rednecked setup in ForteXorcist before now.

  11. Oliver says:

    I wonder why HotR always stays on top and won’t update to CS. once used.
    It might be that because i am using the german version, but i checked the spells and everything should be fine and i cannot find the mistake.

    • Oliver says:

      alright never mind that. i just had to manually take the spell icon since it was bugged, but now i have the problem, that CS always stays on top and HotR is never displayed.
      what about that?

      • Theck says:

        Not sure, it works properly for me. My best guess is that since you’re using the German client, you’ll need to translate the “Weakened Blows” trigger in the HotR aura to the German equivalent? Unfortunately, my German vocabulary isn’t expansive enough to make a good guess at what that translation is.

        • Oliver says:

          thanks for the reply, i tried a lot but still isnt working for me so i just moved cs to the top.

          But that might be it, because weakend blows didn’t work properly before (with the cds) because the spell wasn’t recognized.

          also the revenge thing isnt really working for me. i tried to change some obvious things into german but it still won’t work. i might just ask on the german blizzard forums 😀

          • Pjok says:

            In the CS-String you have to go to the “Auslöser 2″ and change the “Weakend Blows” Aura to “Kampfesmüdigkeit”, worked fine for me.

            In German: Bei der Aura für den Kreuzfahrerstoß musst Du den 2. Auslöser editieren, dort ist noch die englische “Weakend Blows” Aura aufgeführt, die musst auf “Kampfesmüdigkeit” ändern. Dann sollte sich die Aura automatisch ändern.

          • Theck says:

            Danke schön, Pjok.

  12. F_Swag says:

    I really like the sacred shield one, and I think it’s sort of what I’m looking for with a few tweaks. I play a feral druid, and I’ve been looking for a way to track what buffs I’ve had on myself when I applied my bleeds. The problem is, rather than just tracking vengeance, it would have to snapshot the mastery, AP, and +damage (tiger’s fury) I had at the time rake/rip was applied. Is this something that’s doable? Any tips or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  14. vg365 says:

    Thanks for the auras.

    I changed a littel the sacred shield part of it. To add the absorb value and when to recast it.

    With some aura i found on and your aura.

  15. Anthies says:

    Are these strings still relevant for patch 5.3?

  16. Great post. Just started to play a prot war and was looking for some Addons to improve my game. Looking forward to going home and downloading weak auras and ur code!

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