Interview at MMO Melting Pot

Just as a quick note, I participated in an interview with Hugh Hancock from MMO Melting Pot.  The interview was posted earlier today, in case anyone is interested.  It’s pretty long, but if you read this space you already know that I’m not good at brevity.

The interview got me to thinking; on more than one occasion I’ve thought of starting an “Ask Theck” series on this blog, where I answer questions that readers submit rather than just pontificating about whatever strikes my fancy that week.  I’m not sure whether that idea has any merit or not, because I don’t know if people will actually submit questions.

But it’s worth asking, I suppose.  If anybody has a question they’d like to see answered, please post it as a comment in response to this entry.  Even if I don’t end up making a recurring series from them, reader-submitted questions would be a great way to drum up ideas for blog posts.  Then I’d just have to find time to write them!

<edit> I probably should have said “Ask the Authors,” since I’m sure many of you have questions for Meloree and Anafielle.  Feel free to post questions for either of them as well.

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  1. Dan Paladin says:

    There has always been a struggle to balance the effectiveness of the various tanking classes without sacrificing what makes these classes unique. Several places where blizz has done this are flavor, mobility, raid utility, buffs, damage intake method (sword and shield v. death strike v. savage defense), among others. How well, in your opinion, has Blizzard balanced each of these, how would you suggest Blizz tweak their methods of balancing around these areas, and what other areas do you think Blizzard can explore to ensure class homogenization among tanks does not become a further issue, especially with the creation of a 5th tanking class?

  2. Viktory says:

    How are you able to get so much content downed each week only raiding 2 nights? What are a few steps that your average raid can incorporate that will make them more efficient?

    For beginner pally tanking, how important is gearing? Got a message today from someone wanting to run 5s to farm VP so they could have their 2piece before they started tanking normal Shannox. I told them they were over-thinking it, but had no math to do with it.

  3. Matty says:

    Yes, indeed I would like to be able to ask targeted questions. There are such things as stupid questions, though, so if I ask them, be gentle, please. I have a sense that not only will you get questions, but may be inundated. Mine is basically this: there is a point where in any role one goes from mediocrity to mastery – do you remember what this point was for you?

  4. Zaephod says:

    My question: With the threat modifiers set up so high now along with relatively simple, technically, tanking requirements, what do you think can be done to bring a challenge back into the role?

  5. Lakh says:

    I’d be interested to hear some more gameplay related thoughts. Not limited to the following, but just throwing a few ideas out:

    – Dealing with information overload (particularly when you’re also raid leading)
    – What elements do you look at in combatlogs when evaluating your own (or other tanks) performance? Both cursory & in-depth check would be interesting
    – Targeting. It often feels like we’re fighting against Bliz’s targeting system (hi adds who spawned on the far side of rhyo’s platform) – how do y’all go about winning this fight?

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