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First impressions of active mitigation

Now that the talent previews are out, we have a slightly better idea of the way Blizzard intends to implement active mitigation.  I’m going to focus on the paladin implementation here; after all, this is a paladin-centric blog.  If people … Continue reading

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Where Gating via ilvl goes wrong

I was thinking about the upcoming LFR, and ilvl requirements, and listening to some feedback from guildmates who have run LFR, and I made the following statement in the email thread that we spam with theoretically blog-related discussion: I can … Continue reading

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Where are the cool two-tank fights?

Disclaimer: I haven’t raided on the PTR yet, so my understanding of T13 fights is entirely based on rumor and conjecture.  However, that rumor and conjecture tells me that many of the T13 fights are one-tank fights, even on 25-man.  … Continue reading

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Interview at MMO Melting Pot

Just as a quick note, I participated in an interview with Hugh Hancock from MMO Melting Pot.  The interview was posted earlier today, in case anyone is interested.  It’s pretty long, but if you read this space you already know … Continue reading

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How I learned to be a Raid Leader

Way back in the olden days, at the dawn of this millennium, I had a very odd career.  I ran factories.  More specifically, I took over bad factories, and made them into good factories.  The hours sucked, but the job … Continue reading

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On Nerfs and Difficulty

In the current era of WoW, it’s inevitable to expect content nerfs over time.  In some ways, this is a good thing, since it allows Blizzard to release difficult content, and then proceed to make it more accessible after the … Continue reading

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Brainstorms in the Mists: Our 5.0 Rotation

Today, I want to share my proposal for our Mists of Pandaria rotation.  Most of this post is simply a revision of discussions Mel and I have been having over e-mail for the past few months.  In fact, all of … Continue reading

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