Blogging BlizzCon – Part 3

Saturday, October 22nd

Saturday morning was not pretty.  I woke up around 6, pretty badly hung over.  I got out of bed, but the nausea I experienced while moving quickly ended that experiment.  In retrospect, it might’ve helped to put in my contacts; the fact that the world was blurry probably wasn’t helping anything.  I thought that another hour or two of sleep would eliminate the splitting headache, but it turned out that I was wrong.  Around 8AM I admitted defeat, and called in the cavalry.  Which means, I texted Mel and asked if he had any painkillers.

Mel, in classic paladin form, didn’t (who needs painkillers when you have bubble?).  But, also in classic paladin form, he saved the day by going to the nearby 7/11 and picking up some Advil for me.  Which is no small feat, given that he was also hung over.  He left my room around 9AM, with both of us headed back to bed to sleep off our respective drunkennesses.

I woke up around 10:45AM, now sans-headache and in better shape.  After a shower and shave, I headed over to the con around 11:30.  Unfortunately, my drunken antics the night before had cost me – I missed the live raid.  Since I had a little time before the next panel, I wandered around the convention floor to see the sights.  After a little casual browsing, I ended up watching one of the Starcraft II matches.  Once that was over, I headed to the main hall to meet up with Mel, Rhidach, and Antigen and watch the Talent/Item/Profession and Open Q&As.  In between the two Q&A’s, I grabbed a quick pizza lunch from one of the vendors, which helped eliminate the last traces of leftover nausea.

I was tempted to ask a question at one of the Q&A’s; in fact, several people suggested I do so, and then proceeded to pick my brain about what I’d ask given the chance.  Given that the first Q&A was about professions, I thought about asking “why does Engineering still suck for tanks.”  However, there were two problems with asking anything.  First, the line was already quite long by the time I arrived.  More importantly, all of the partying and discussion in loud venues during the past two days had caused me to lose the better portion of my voice.  Rather than croaking out a question for the devs, if I could even manage that, I decided to let others do the asking.

Most of the questions asked were, as expected, sort of pointless.  Many were about topics that had already been covered in panels.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember most of the questions anymore, even the good ones.  I do remember there was some discussion of Engineering, but not specifically about tanking.  I also remember someone asking/begging about Ret DPS and RNG, and Ghostcrawler calling the questioner out for QQ-ing.

Once the panels were over, I chose to take a break from WoW and watch the Starcraft II finals between IMMvp and IMnestea with my guildmate, Arg.  The games were excellent, and more than made up for missing the live raid.  The games finished somewhere around 5PM, which gave us some time to wander around the convention and look at some of the booths we had missed.  We wrapped up our sightseeing about 15 minutes before the start of the closing ceremonies, and found seats in the main hall.

The L90ETC show was pretty good, even though I’m not really into metal.  Arg left after about an hour, leaving me alone at the concert for a short period.  Luckily, Nika and Invis were already on their way, and we met up shortly after L90ETC ended.  We moved to an area with some better seats just before the Foo Fighters took the stage.  I’ve been a fan of the Foo since they were formed, so I thoroughly enjoyed the concert.  Those guys put on a pretty great show.  The only disappointment was that they didn’t play For All The Cows (album version), since that would have been thematically appropriate for BlizzCon.  So for any of you Sunwalkers reading, just remember that “the cow is you.”

The concert ended around 9:30PM.  As we headed out of the convention center, we were surprised to see a giant Sindragosa model being operated by two men, who were walking it around and interacting with the crowd that had formed around them.  Luckily, I thought quickly enough to snap a grainy cell phone picture of it for you.

Sindragosa at Blizzcon

Sindragosa at BlizzCon

The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful.  Nika and Invis headed off somewhere, while I headed to the Hilton to meet up with Mel, Rhidach, Antigen, and the rest of the ES group.  I happened to run into Mel outside the hotel, and the two of us headed up to Rhidach’s room.  The Hilton lobby was packed; apparently the official after-party had been moved to a different location, so people were just congregating at the Hilton.  We didn’t see anyone I recognized, though.  The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with the ES crew and drinking, with Nika, Invis, and Ack joining us later in the evening.  Around 1AM we headed back to our hotels, and I drifted off to sleep around 2AM.

Sunday, October 23rd

I got to sleep in the next morning, waking around 7:45AM in order to meet Nika, Invis, and Mel for breakfast at 8:30AM.  Shortly after breakfast, Mel took off to visit a friend in LA, and about an hour later Nika and Invis left as well.  My flight wasn’t until Monday morning, so I had plans to meet some Prodigy guild members for the rest of Sunday.  I met Justhunter for lunch at Bubba Gump’s, and we were joined by Ellienet and Amiresan about an hour later.  Another hour and a half passed before Arg joined us.  I think we stayed at the restaurant until around 4:30PM talking, probably irritating our waitress.

We then arranged to meet up for dinner with another guild member, Amarel, at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Cerritos.  We spent the rest of the evening drinking, eating, and playing the BWW trivia games that were being broadcast on one of the monitors.  I think we left BWW around 10PM, took a group photo in the parking lot, and then stood around talking for another hour or so before heading home.  I finally got back to the hotel and in bed around midnight, giving me about 3 and a half hours to sleep before I had to get up to catch my 4AM shuttle to the airport.

The shuttle was running a little late, and didn’t show up until 4:30, but I still made it to LAX in plenty of time to catch my flight.  I had planned to sleep on the plane, but this plane was fancy and had DirectTV screens on the back of the seats, and during the pre-flight boarding period I noticed that there was a House marathon on Cloo.  So I ended up watching about 4 episodes of House during the flight instead of sleeping.  The flight from Cleveland to Rochester was less fancy, being a smaller propeller-driven aircraft, and I ended up sleeping during most of that flight.  After a quick shuttle ride to my car and a short drive to my apartment, I was back at home and my BlizzCon adventure was over.

I hope you enjoyed this more personal glimpse into the convention, even though it’s a change of pace for this blog.  We’ll get back to the mechanics-based content very soon.

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