Radio Silence and BlizzCon

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, primarily because all three of us have been extremely busy.  For my part, I’ve spent the last few months finishing up my Ph.D.  So now, I’m officially Dr. Theck.  /cheer

Hopefully things will settle down a bit now, and we’ll be able to get back on track with some new content.  Especially now that there are things to talk about: the 4.3 PTR is up, we’re getting a steady flow of information about the new patch, and we’re probably going to see the announcement of the next expansion next week at BlizzCon.

Speaking of which, the three of us will all be attending BlizzCon this year.  I believe we’ll be at the WoWInsider and Maintankadin meet-ups on Thursday night, and of course we’ll probably hit most of the WoW panels on Friday and Saturday.  Hopefully I’ll get to meet a few of you at the convention.

So again, apologies for the radio silence, and see you at BlizzCon!

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3 Responses to Radio Silence and BlizzCon

  1. Zaephod says:

    /salute Dr. Theck. Congrats to you!

  2. Mox says:

    Grats indeed – no small feat!

  3. Bart Janssen says:

    Grats on the PhD. Takes a great deal of will and effort to get there – well done. And don’t worry you’ll be sane again soon :).

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