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Blogging BlizzCon – Part 3

Saturday, October 22nd Saturday morning was not pretty.  I woke up around 6, pretty badly hung over.  I got out of bed, but the nausea I experienced while moving quickly ended that experiment.  In retrospect, it might’ve helped to put … Continue reading

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Blogging BlizzCon – Part 2

Friday, October 21st Despite getting to sleep around 1AM, I woke up at around 6AM feeling very well-rested, probably because my body still thought it was on east-coast time.  After a shower, shave, and some bad hotel coffee, I met … Continue reading

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Blogging BlizzCon – Part 1

I was planning on trying to do a nightly blog entry on my activities at BlizzCon, but was thwarted by the lack of internet access at my hotel.  Instead, I’m going to give you a BlizzCon retrospective, based on the … Continue reading

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What do I do after reaching block-cap?

This is a discussion that I’ve been having a lot recently, in several venues.  As people accumulate more Firelands gear, reaching block-cap becomes easier, and many more tanks are now able to do so.  The question that keeps coming up … Continue reading

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Radio Silence and BlizzCon

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, primarily because all three of us have been extremely busy.  For my part, I’ve spent the last few months finishing up my Ph.D.  So now, I’m officially Dr. Theck.  /cheer Hopefully things will … Continue reading

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