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The threat-a-clysm: what to do with hit and expertise

The recent change to threat modifiers has left threat stats in a pretty sad state.  Admittedly, the answer to “how much hit/expertise do I need” has been “basically zero” since as far back as early Wrath of the Lich King, … Continue reading

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Threat was Good

A recent developer blog has mentioned that threat is being, for all intents and purposes, removed from the game.  In return, so that tanks have something to do, at some point in the future all tanks will be moving to an … Continue reading

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Protection Paladins: The Death Knight Redux

I went on record during the PTR saying that the 4.2 Protection Paladin would be overpowered, probably in an unbalancing way.  In private discussions with Theck and Anafielle, I’ve made the claim in stronger terms, but I wanted to see … Continue reading

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