My Favorite 4.1 Bugs

Preface: I’m not an idiot. Major patch means shit doesn’t work right. I know. SURPRISE! In addition, at least 75% of the issues people encounter after patch have to do with addons. Update your addons! Guess what, “load out of date” breaks stuff!

But I’m a paladin. I’m specced into unnecessary QQ. No, really, I am.

Where did you think the name of this blog came from?

Right. So, kids, let’s gather ’round and discuss my absolute FAVORITE 4.1 bugs from last week.

Various Raid Encounters Broken

Honestly… no one pulled Omnitron on the PTR?  Omni was by no means the only raid boss bugged, but they were bugged in a spectacular and memorable way.

Consecrate didn’t hit adds on Nef and Chogall. [fixed]

I’m mentioning it because it was oh-so-much fun. I got my first cracks at kiting adds last week on Nef, and I didn’t notice this bug until most of the raid week was over. Until I wiped the raid at least twice (probably more) due to blatantly messy add pickup. Consecrate, HotR ….. why don’t I have a single one on me?! Panic! PANIC! Like a lesson in “How To Look Like A Bad.” Then I finally checked recount in response to my DK saying, over and over, “I heard Consecrate was buggy here…”

You know, I actually have a T shirt that says “Round ‘Em Up and Consecrate.” Damnit Blizz! (This bug is fixed, by the way).

Blizzard’s Fancy New Latency Change is Hardcoded On

This is my favorite.

The new latency option Blizzard has worked on for so long & added in 4.1 with much fanfare is on for everybody now. They’ve confirmed that the off switch in options doesn’t do a thing. You know what? For most people, it’s been a lovely change. Roughly 95% of us have just improved. I know my latency dropped about 150 milliseconds. Honest appreciation to Blizzard; I think the new option is pretty cool, and will improve life for most of us.

Most of us. There’s a reason why the option is supposed to be, well, an option.

For a very significant minority of people, those people who aren’t supposed to turn it on, with borderline connections … their latency has absolutely tanked in raid.

Taking two examples from my own raid, our warrior tank lives in a pretty rural area, and our paladin healer lives in Europe. Add fights have absolutely destroyed them this week. Getting MC’d on Nef will disconnect the paladin. The warrior has such bad lag that he’s been replaced as our Nef kite tank by me.

And that’s why I got to kite adds (and die) on Nef last week.

For God’s Sake Fix This Please

I’m a little bit worried that it won’t be fixed… Blizz spent a long time working on this latency change, after all. And it’s nice for, well, most people. But they can’t ignore those guys with borderline connections, right? They have to fix it…. right?

My warrior cotank, Omegal, is a pretty smart dude. If you recognize his name, it’s because he writes most of Deadly Boss Mods. You can imagine that he knows a bit about how WOW works and how connections work.

He has been doing tons of troubleshooting on his own connection. His posts are all over the addon forums and, now, they’re all over the troubleshooting forums too. He’s got the problem pretty well pinned down. Now it’s just a question of when it’ll be fixed… and if it will be fixed.

Edit: Fix Incoming

Whoohoo! Blizz has identified the problem. Fix incoming, hopefully soon.

Oh, this part doesn’t surprise me at all…

Surprise! Busted addons cause lag, too.

Newsflash: Dearest fellow WOW players. “Lag” problems that go like this: “wah wah I’m at a target dummy and my FPS is crappy, o wait, i never updated recount” …. are not the same issue as “my latency (not FPS, but latency) tanks in instanced combat.” Not at all. Sigh, well, at least Blizz identified the issue…

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