A Paladin Blog is Born

And how should this new blog begin? Why, with a story! I LOVE telling stories!

Flash back with me, everyone, to October 2010. What, you’ve heard this one before? Oh man, shut up and listen for a second, I promise there’s a point here!

How We Met

Once upon a time, a little protection paladin named Anafielle went to Blizzcon. She frolicked amongst her beloved fellow nerds, took photos of cosplayers, tested Diablo III, got drunk with Big Crits, and, in general, thoroughly enjoyed herself.

The most memorable part was, of course, the Class Q&A. The moment Ana saw it on the schedule, she knew what she had to do. She’d get in line early. She’d ask a question. Now, she didn’t have any idea what exactly to ask, but she knew she had to ask SOMETHING. After all, paladins have had Voluminous And Unnecessary QQ as a baseline talent ever since Burning Crusade. It would be traitorous to her pink comrades to let such a golden opportunity for complaint pass her by. And so she got in line, fully intending to ask one hella badass question, but without any clue what to ask. She’d think of something.

What to do? Ask the experts! And so she pulled out her phone, got on Maintankadin, and private messaged her two favorite protection paladin posters – Theck of theorycrafting fame and Meloree, raid leader of Edge. “What would you ask the developers, if I gave you the chance?”

The question was Vengeance, which is old news. But here’s the point: from this (online) meeting was born a discussion chain … one that has yet to end. A Gmail chain of epic proportions, a weekly vent conversation, and a friendship that spans across raids and servers.

Thus your three authors.

About Us

Myself, Meloree, and Theck are wordy, wordy tanks. We’ve all posted on Maintankadin. We each had little moments on Rhidach’s blog Righteous Defense, and I used to post there quite a bit. But our focus has changed, and we talk way too much for guest posts. The time has come to strike out on our own.

We’ve got enough to say that we need our own home.

So, welcome… to our blog, Sacred Duty.

You guys have a blog?! I’m so excited! What will I find here?”


By which I mean…. I don’t know!

Screenshots. Raid stories. Rants about current content. Commentary on raid leading, critiques of encounter design, and of course, theorycrafting… it’ll all be here. Three authors in one fantastic place.

Enjoy. And don’t forget to comment!

Hearts, stars, and rainbows,

PS: [EDIT!] Oh, and this goes without saying, but this place is VERY much a work in progress! You can expect a ton of changes, both in words & in looks, as the boys edit all the silly things I’ve written about them. :) I know Mel already has several blog posts drafted, so stay tuned for incoming awesome.

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8 Responses to A Paladin Blog is Born

  1. Janyaa says:

    Grats on your new blog! I look forward to reading your posts. :)

  2. Zerbe says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to read it. Can the Pally community get any better?

  3. Rigear says:

    Another blog to add to the RSS reader!

  4. Hana says:

    Woohoo. Looking forward to it. :)

  5. Derevka says:

    Oh snap.

    Just what Mel needs an outlet. <3

  6. Chasey says:

    An excellent BLOG! I can’t wait to see and hear more! Thanks guys.

  7. Mike says:

    Grats on getting a ring named after you XD

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