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Formulating Raid Strategies

As a Raid Leader, one of the things that I’m primarily responsible for is being the final arbiter of raid setup and strategy.  The good news is that I have a system for this that has been reasonably successful. For … Continue reading

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Anything you can do, I can do better

DPS player: “It’s much easier to be a bad dps than a bad tank, but it’s much harder to be a very good dps that a very good tank.” Tank player: “No way, it’s much harder to be an excellent … Continue reading

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Scaling: Why Triage Healing is Dying

I’ve always been interested in the way game mechanics in WoW scale from beginning of expansion to end – in the way that stats interact with each other to produce sometimes unexpected results. We’re just starting out in Cataclysm, but … Continue reading

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A Paladin Blog is Born

And how should this new blog begin? Why, with a story! I LOVE telling stories! Flash back with me, everyone, to October 2010. What, you’ve heard this one before? Oh man, shut up and listen for a second, I promise … Continue reading

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Sacred Duty is born!

From the email inboxes of protection paladins Theck, Meloree, and Anafielle comes a blog that will blow your mind. Because the three of us need somewhere more public to post our ramblings, mathings, theorycraftings, rantings, and general thoughts on tanking. … Continue reading

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